after therapy session music:

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I feel so vulnerable and small from the session today; how much the really insecure part of me wants to latch on, wants a father figure, wants his love. She feels sad and empty. Wanting so much more than anyone else can give me.

Gettin’ back up, nourishing, holding myself safe, reaching for the ground with my feet. Hold me. Tell me everything’s going to be okay.


Author: innerlight

A capricorn horse. Creative dreamer, over thinker. bpd, insecure attachment and any other labels for deep and chronic wounds and other gifts of brilliance that propel intense and eclectic lives and make for good art. We are high needs and high return, all the way, all the way. Surrender, integration, repair, rebuild, connect, create, evolve. Deeply.

One thought on “after therapy session music:

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