i am praying for my friend this morning. the police are looking for him, for damage to his parents’ property in a fit of rage. he has never let his feelings show, never been arrested. he is the father of 3 in the midst of a divorce. he called me this morning and asked if he could come for a visit before running away. said he was going to hide his cell phone in a safe place first, hasn’t shown yet, an hour later.

i was barely awake when we spoke. i said it sounded like he was taking a time out, rather than running away. i wish i’d urged him more to come and connect. now he is out in the world without any money, or phone.

i pray that this be the bottom he needs to surrender, and that he survive it. i affirm that love is in action, always, in all circumstances; and that his higher power is looking over him, bringing him to love.

i have no way of contacting him. the only possible action i can think of is to report to the law that he is up Island. would that be a loving act, or one of co-dependency. i give this question to my own higher power, and put it out to those i trust. i welcome your guidance. is there an action that is asked of me?


Author: innerlight

A capricorn horse. Creative dreamer, over thinker. bpd, insecure attachment and any other labels for deep and chronic wounds and other gifts of brilliance that propel intense and eclectic lives and make for good art. We are high needs and high return, all the way, all the way. Surrender, integration, repair, rebuild, connect, create, evolve. Deeply.

6 thoughts on “prayer

  1. You don’t know anything for sure. So, why not just tell the police about what a friend and loving person he is to you, and that you are worried, and that he needs help. Don’t tell the police that you’ve talked to him. They will automatically asume that you know where he is and interrogate you. Try to be at peace and just say prayers for his protection. I will pray as well. I promise. (((hugs)))

  2. “… is there an action that is asked of me?”

    You wrote this post. You’re sending a very loud message.

    Everything counts, even if we don’t understand the way… that’s what I think. ~m

  3. i called a friend who is trained in restorative justice, family constellations and active listening. She came over, and we held him as he sobbed for 2 hours on the floor in my bedroom. he had never cried like that in his entire life.
    i am so grateful, and so excited that our prayers seem to have worked. i feel like my room has been blessed with healing. love, innerlight.

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