irrational wisdom & childlike joy


Maybe I am only seeing myself everywhere, but I have found myself in a recurring conversation lately. I keep seeing so many people around me saying one thing and doing another — saying they are exhausted, but not able to slow down. It’s like a permanent state of being that has become the norm … this is in raw format, maybe a little preachy, but here is my recurring conversation:

For two and a half years, I waited for life to return to an increasingly-distant memory of ‘normal’. Once this is done, once that is done; if I can just get through this, then everything will be okay, and it will all be so worth it. Hold it together a little longer …    Two and a half years.
For all that time, I had an inner voice telling me to stop; telling me I was deeply unhappy, and that what was happening was only continuing to weaken me. I kept telling myself to think positively, believe in myself and fake it ’till I made it.

No one in their right mind was going to tell me to walk away …. from the awesome work I had done to create a society … from a $30,000 National Leadership Award … from a marriage … from a career …. No one in their right mind was going to tell me I needed to stop trying to be so strong and consider reaching out for some help and taking some time to heal.

In my experience, all of life’s catastrophes happen when we don’t listen to the inner voice and find the support in ourselves and others to act on it — often against all things rational, logical, and practical.

You don’t have to keep up with the person your ego says you are, or other people think you are; you have to be true to the authentic voice evolving in you, each and every day, despite what your ego and others might think.

If you had cancer, or you lost a leg, would you still have to do this, or that, or that, or that? Stress and exhaustion kill just as cancer does; so why do we treat them so differently?

When we experience connection and child-like joy, we are generating more of it in the world; this is how we create change. This is what the world needs more of. Where there is no space for spontaneity, connection and joy, there is no space for the Universe to work it’s magic, and no change can come. When we sacrifice these things for what we think is a greater cause, we are shooting ourselves and our purpose in the foot and spinning our wheels pointlessly.”

I’ll leave you today with a video I have posted before, but it’s so fitting with this post. It’s called ‘Growing is Forever,’ but I might rename it something like ‘What Trees Know’. Please take a moment to slow down, press play, and take this in:


Author: innerlight

A capricorn horse. Creative dreamer, over thinker. bpd, insecure attachment and any other labels for deep and chronic wounds and other gifts of brilliance that propel intense and eclectic lives and make for good art. We are high needs and high return, all the way, all the way. Surrender, integration, repair, rebuild, connect, create, evolve. Deeply.

3 thoughts on “irrational wisdom & childlike joy

  1. oh lovely one… how quietly intensely beautiful this film is. i watched it twice in a row… made me just want to lay down and rest in that forever. Speaking of that… I’ve had a very slow 48 hours. Cancelled everything… and flowed and my body and my heart and even my brain… well, they are just so happy and thankful that I allowed them to breath. Thank you for both the blog and the post. Marvelling.

  2. Reblogged this on 12 Step Recovery, Spirituality and Wellness and commented:
    This is excellent! Visit this guys blog. It’s chock full of recovery! ~ Kate

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