identity confusion / unstable sense of self


This morning, I woke up with this image in my head, and immediately went about creating it:

Illustration of Identity Confusion

Here is a collection of writings from this site on the topic of this aspect of bpd:

identity confusion

Walking the line in flip flops

crazy for thinking I’m crazy

inconsistent soul

Hello world

to my therapist – “titanic”

meandering identity

precocious ego development

trusting perception + trauma is trauma

deprived heart

dialectic gems (or pebbles)

dialectics, again + confirmation: i am not faking it. i am not a fraud.

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Author: innerlight

A capricorn horse. Creative dreamer, over thinker. bpd, insecure attachment and any other labels for deep and chronic wounds and other gifts of brilliance that propel intense and eclectic lives and make for good art. We are high needs and high return, all the way, all the way. Surrender, integration, repair, rebuild, connect, create, evolve. Deeply.

6 thoughts on “identity confusion / unstable sense of self

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  2. I’m so glad you write about bpd, because you put information together in ways that I take with me after I’ve read your posts. I know that DID is not a borderline issue, but as I integrate, my mind is less divided, and I’m more aware of disorder than separation.

    You rock. thanks.

  3. Thanks for telling me, Meredith. It means so much. Glad to be in the blogging world with you.

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