a personal mantra from simplelifelessons


Came across this wonderful channeling on simplelifelessons. Having a hard day today, and really needed to hear these words:

When You Know Better, You do Better

'Dance Couple' by Ekin

'Dance Couple' by Ekin

Learn from every life experience, so the next experience will take you to a different, more joyful place. A place where you look in the mirror and see someone you like in the reflection. Learn to love yourself in any situation. You are beautiful. You are learning. Don’t be hard on yourself. Leave your negativity behind you and turn the page. Change can happen only as quickly as you let go of difficult lessons you have learned and move forward into the life you deserve…. knowing all the while the journey was a necessary one. Be so thankful you were given one more day to learn, grow, change and move forward- better informed and closer to yourself than ever before. Let every day count. You are loved and beautiful and you matter. Let every day count.

Blessings to your day everyone. Be gentle, courageous and play passionately. Big love from Underground.


Author: innerlight

A capricorn horse. Creative dreamer, over thinker. bpd, insecure attachment and any other labels for deep and chronic wounds and other gifts of brilliance that propel intense and eclectic lives and make for good art. We are high needs and high return, all the way, all the way. Surrender, integration, repair, rebuild, connect, create, evolve. Deeply.

6 thoughts on “a personal mantra from simplelifelessons

  1. Thank you for quoting my blog- it makes me feel so good that it was inspiring enough to want to repost. That is what really motivates me to write my thoughts. Having been surrounded by negativity most of my life, I have found great power in staying in the positive. It takes a lot of work because I became trained to think negatively and had to completely revamp my thought train. In doing this, I have found great freedom and I really want others to feel that freedom too. It is addictive and before long, you wake up every morning wanting to see what is beautiful instead of preparing for what curve balls life might throw for the day.

    When you are living with someone with BPD, it is as if you are suffering from it too. It truly is a contageous disease, but one that you can build immunity and become stronger from. The important thing is that we learn how to “do better” each day and keep trying to find new ways to create change for yourself. Forgive yourself when you fall and share your successes. Start seeing and feeling the good more often than seeing and feeling the bad. Let go of the anger and let yourself be happy. You deserve it. Everyone does.

    Thank you for your blog, it is helpful to read your journey and what has helped you. We are all in this together- whether we have BPD or live with someone who does. It is an opportunity to learn how to strengthen our weaknesses. Not a curse. There is a lesson in each day. When you know better, you do better.

  2. Thanks for popping by my blog again. Anais Nin is great, isn’t she? I’m not familiar with the passage you referenced, so I’ll have to go hunting for it.

    I find it interesting that we struggle with personal battles, and keep it stowed so deeply inside, afraid to show it, even though we fight and hate it and want it to get out. It’s like carrying a baby we know is poisonous.

  3. This is the sentence that “got me”: Learn to love yourself in any situation.

    What a simple thought, yet so difficult.
    So easy to berate and harm ourselves for every infraction (real and imagined).

  4. Penney- Thanks for thinking my passage was Anais Nin’s! She is a great writer- I looked her up after you referenced her here and I love what she has to say! I write a blog called Simple Life Lessons and that is where this passage came from. 🙂 My mom has BPD and I sporadically write as the spirit moves. I hope you’ll swing by sometime!

  5. “We are all in this together- whether we have BPD or live with someone who does. It is an opportunity to learn how to strengthen our weaknesses. Not a curse. There is a lesson in each day.”

    It’s hard to convey this to someone who’s life has never been touched by mental illness; and yet, imagine a world where everyone thought this way.

    Thanks for stoking the fire, sarkfollower. Luv Underground.

  6. I think Penney was responding to a comment I’d made on her post about Anais Nin ( and then to sarkfollower’s words quoted above.
    And so, here we are, 4 women with so much to offer this fire.
    And to respond to your notion of keeping things inside / hidden, Penney; I think that is a distinguishing factor of Quiet or Internalized BPD — we feel what everyone does, but more vividly, and yet, it is possible for no one to ever know. I think the truth of the heart is not necessarily rational (our minds think they know better); but longs to be seen and expressed. We long to integrate the two seemingly disparate extremities. That is the healing; that is the work. To dare honour what we thought most dishonourable and as sarkfollower says, “learn to love ourselves in every moment” (all those places we had shunned).

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